Dementia Care in North NJ

Dementia Care in North NJ

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Dementia Care in North NJ Are you looking for Dementia Care in North NJ? Applause Home Care is a local 24/7 home care agency that provides Dementia Care in North NJ with meaningful care that is unique to each individual. We believe in offering “CARE PARTNERING” services. This is a two-way exchange where the individual is directing their own personal care services. Our home care services are designed to help our clients achieve overall better quality of living.

Allow us to provide the right care for your loved ones with Dementia.

It’s not easy to take care of an individual with Dementia. There are things you need to adjust in order to maintain a gentle pace with them. When it comes to Dementia care, you can always trust us. We have highly trained professional Care Partners who are experts in providing care services that would help achieve and accomplish their day-to-day activities.

Our agency offers around-the-clock support with the following services:

  • Engaging activities for mental stimulation
  • Meals and medication reminders on a routine schedule
  • Compassionate support for their day-to-day activities

We are composed of highly trained and competent staff members who are dedicated and experts in delivering home care services in the comfort of our client’s home.

Through our personalized care plan, we can give you the needed care services that are all intended to cater to your unique personal and health needs. With us, we ensure around-the-clock services and supervision to help you achieve optimum health and wellness.

For more information about our Dementia Care in North NJ call Applause Home Care at (201) 326-8051.

Applause Home Care – Your Trusted Provider for Dementia Care in North NJ.

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Dementia Care in North NJ