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Senior Fall Risk Management

We proudly provide non-medical home care services to individuals with special needs, injuries, difficulties with mobility, or illnesses. Our staff is composed of highly trained and competent care professionals who are dedicated and experts in delivering home care services in the comfort of our client’s home.
Through our personalized care plan, we can give you the needed care services that are all intended to cater to your unique personal and health needs. With us, we ensure around-the-clock services and supervision to help you achieve optimum health and wellness.

Falling is one of the leading causes of hospitalization in the elderly. Every year, more than one in every three people over the age of 65 falls. Unfortunately, the risk of falling and the associated medical issues only increases with age. 

Physical changes, the development of health conditions, and medications used to treat those conditions can all increase the likelihood of falling. In elders, falling is the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries. Falls frequently result in painful hip fractures, head injuries, and broken bones, making older adults fearful of falling due to the possibility of serious injury. 

Many elderly people develop a fear of falling, which reduces their desire to stay active. Reducing your loved one’s risk of falling with Senior Fall Risk Prevention Management can help them stay healthy, independent, and fearless.

Many factors in the home can endanger seniors’ safety, including a lack of lighting, loose carpeting, exposed electrical cords, spilled liquids, and slippery floors. 

As part of our free initial assessment, Applause Home Care inspects our elders’ homes for safety concerns. We ensure that these numerous home hazards are removed and recommend the use of assistive devices such as hand rails for stairwells and nonslip mats for the bathtub or shower. 

Our staff members then carefully assess each of our elders for fall risk based on a variety of health factors such as fall history, medications each client is currently taking, and whether their health conditions may increase their risk of an accidental fall.

A number of medical conditions can increase the likelihood of falling. Certain eye disorders, for example, can greatly increase an elderly person’s risk of falling. Medications with side effects like dizziness and shortness of breath can also be dangerous. Doctors have linked several personal risk factors to falling, such as muscle weakness, low blood pressure, and balance and gait issues. We recommend that all seniors have their muscle strength, balance, and walking style evaluated.

How to Prevent Senior Falls in the Home

As a caregiver, you may be looking for ways to assist your elderly family member in avoiding falls. Some of the physical risks of falling can be managed by you and your senior, often with the assistance of her medical team and home care providers.

Poor Nutrition

You’re probably aware that your elderly family member requires the best nutrition possible. If she isn’t, her entire body suffers. If she restricts her protein intake too much, she may lose muscle mass and have less energy than she requires. Eating foods high in empty calories puts your senior in a deficit. Nutrient-rich foods provide her body with the fuel it requires to move her body efficiently.

Medications and Side Effects

Of course, every medication has side effects, and your senior may be taking multiple medications. These side effects can add up and have a significant impact on your aging adult’s balance and ability to avoid falling. Discuss with your elderly family member’s doctor whether some of her medications should be changed to reduce her risk of falling.


Your elderly relative cannot avoid obstacles or problems she cannot see. If she is having vision problems, an eye exam is a good place to start. From there, you may discover that corrective lenses are beneficial, or that other solutions are available. Many aging adults experience some degree of low vision, in which case better lighting can be extremely beneficial.

Loss of Muscle Tone

Your senior is likely to lose some muscle tone as she gets older. However, if she does not exercise regularly, she will lose muscle tone even faster. Worse yet, her muscles may begin to atrophy. Speak with your senior’s doctor about what she can do to maintain and, if possible, increase her muscle tone.

Previous Falls

If your elderly relative has already had a fall, she is more likely to have another. Part of the problem is that your senior may be afraid of what will happen next fall, which may cause her to be less active. Reduced activity and fear of falling can combine to make the next fall inevitable.

Being aware of all of these risks and how they can affect your aging adult gives you an advantage in assisting your elderly family member in avoiding a fall. Home care providers can assist you in determining how to compensate for these issues in your senior’s daily activities.

Providing the best Senior Fall Risk Management for seniors and families in North Jersey, including Fair Lawn, Fort Lee, Hackensack, Ridgewood, Wyckoff, Paramus, Glen Rock, Pompton Plains, Franklin Lakes, Westwood, Montvale and surrounding areas.

Fall Risk Management Care in Fair Lawn, NJ by Applause Home Care

How Can Home Care Help Prevent Senior Falls in the Home?

Falls are a significant issue for people who are already vulnerable due to illness or injury. Your elderly family member may be more vulnerable to falls, but this may be more preventable than you think. Home health care services have the knowledge and experience that your senior requires to avoid further injury.

Perform a Full Review of Your Senior’s Status

The best way to start understanding what will help your senior avoid a fall is to conduct a thorough assessment of the situation. This entails closely examining her current health issues, medications she’s taking, and emotional well-being. It also entails considering her ability to exercise and what she eats, because all of this is important.

Assist with Activities of Daily Living

Daily living activities are especially important in terms of your elderly family member’s ability to avoid falls. These are activities that are essential to living a healthy life, such as being able to change clothes, take a bath, and eat on a regular basis. Other activities of daily living for your senior include mobility and the ability to navigate her home safely. Having home health care providers assist you with these tasks greatly improves your senior’s quality of life.

Triage Safety Concerns

The environment in which your senior lives will also influence how safe she is from falling. Home care providers are uniquely capable of quickly assessing and evaluating your aging family member’s home environment and determining what poses the greatest risk of a fall. They can assist you and your senior in making that environment as safe for her as possible now and in the future.

Home care providers are available to assist your senior in maintaining the best possible health. Managing circumstances that may increase the likelihood of a fall is just one way they achieve that goal.

It is our mission to provide our clients with exceptional home care services and achieve the optimum wellness they deserve.
We proudly provide non-medical home care services to elders with  injuries, difficulties with mobility, or illnesses.
Fall Risk Management Care in Fair Lawn, NJ by Applause Home Care

Important to Know About Senior Fall Risk Management

If you are considering senior fall risk management, Applause Home Care is a local 24/7 home care agency.  We provide fall risk management assistance all around North Jersey, including Fair Lawn, Fort Lee, Hackensack, Ridgewood, Wyckoff, Paramus, Glen Rock, Pompton Plains, Franklin Lakes, Westwood, Montvale and surrounding areas.

We provide meaningful care that is unique to each individual. We believe in offering “CARE PARTNERING” services. This is a two-way exchange where the individual is directing their own personal care services. Our home care services are designed to help our clients achieve overall better quality of living.

It is our mission to provide our clients with exceptional home care services and achieve the optimum wellness they deserve. Our mission and vision will be achieved through the application of our core values, which include:

  • Comfort – keeping our client’s health, safety, quality of life and well-being central in the design and delivery of services;
  • Affection – treating and interacting with our clients with love, dignity, compassion, and empathy;
  • Respect – showing respect for all cultures, religions, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ages, gender and special needs;
  • Integrity – treating our clients with honesty and integrity while recognizing and maintaining confidentiality of client information;
  • Nurture – nurturing our clients for their optimum independence, security and privacy;
  • Generosity – provide our clients unselfish good-hearted staff members who are generous with their care and compassion.

At Applause Home Care we are committed to:

  • Maintaining positive relationships with the community and organizations
  • Quality measures throughout our Agency
  • Accountable and responsible manners
  • Performance recognition and reward
  • Retaining competent staff
  • Appreciating our staff

Why Choose Applause Home Care


Easily communicate with your Care Partner and have continued access to the Care Coordinator. We believe that you should always be in control & communication with your Care Partner. For this reason, you are assigned a Care Coordinator who is always available for you.


We believe that trust is the key to a comfortable relationship and peace of mind to our clients. We carefully screen all our Care Partners.


Professional care, accountability and follow ups. We will be there for your family and improve the quality of living.

If you are considering In-Home Senior Care, Applause Home Care is a local 24/7 home care agency, give us a call today.

We provide meaningful care that is unique to each individual. We believe in offering “CARE PARTNERING” services.
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