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How Applause Home Care is Addressing the Coronavirus Impact


New Protocols

As mandatory restrictions are put into place to slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Applause Home Care is continuing to focus on providing high-quality care. Home-based care are considered essential services during this time of crisis, and we are here for you and your home care needs.

Concerns for those in need of caregiving services are completely understandable so rest assured that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and best practices are being followed so care can continue. Our experienced Care Partners have always been trained to take measures to minimize the spread of illnesses and promote safe caregiving.

As part of CDC recommendations, the following protocols, in addition to existing infection control policies and procedures already in place (use of gloves/masks, washing of hands frequently), are being implemented:

Care Partner Wellness Checks

The standard process for Applause Home Care is as follows: Through different communication routes, (phone, text messaging) a Care Partner is daily asked: Are you sick, do you have a fever or cough, have you had close contact with an individual(s) diagnosed or under quarantine for COVID-19? If a caregiver answers “yes” to any of these questions, they are to contact the office immediately and are instructed to contact their physician or local health department for evaluation.

  • Care Partners are also instructed to stay at home when sick and must report this to the office when they are feeling ill. Although this is standard policy on illness, it is even more important to minimize the spread of COVID-19.
  • Care Partners will be asked if they have a return to work order from a medical provider before being assigned back to shifts with clients.


Client Wellness Checks

Our nursing assessments and reassessments are an important part of the care we provide. During this time, visits normally scheduled for in person will take will be conducted more frequently through the use of technology to support “social distancing” and protecting those receiving care.

  • Applause Home Care is checking in virtually and/or by phone calls, on a regular basis, with all clients to ensure they are feeling well and to see if there is anything needed before the next scheduled visit.
  • Clients who are not feeling well or are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 will be instructed to contact their healthcare provider or local health department immediately. We will also work together to identify how continued care needs will be met.


Enhanced Cleaning

Keeping areas in the home clean and safe has always been a priority for Applause Home Care. Additional cleaning protocols for all clients’ homes include:

  • Cleaning and wiping down surfaces big and small from countertops and tables to light switches and doorknobs
  • Frequent and consistent handwashing while in the home, before coming to the home and after leaving the home
  • Continued virtual training on infection control and prevention and housekeeping to all Care Partners

Family Care Partners can check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website’s tips on keeping yourself and others safe.


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