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24-Hour Home Care Tips for Senior Bathing

A lot of seniors change their bathing routine as they get older, but it doesn't get less important. Having 24-hour home care can help insure their safety.
Senior Bathing: 24-Hour Home Care Hackensack NJ
Senior Bathing: 24-Hour Home Care Hackensack NJ

For many elderly individuals, the desire to bathe regularly reduces as they get older. For some, it’s because they aren’t as active so they don’t see the need to bathe every day. For others, it could be the drying effects that a shower or bath has on their skin. Or it could just be based on fear and discomfort. They might be afraid of slipping in the shower or they might struggle to find a comfortable water temperature. This is where 24-hour home care can help.

Whatever the reason, it is important for your aging loved one to bathe or should at least two times a week to keep her clean and help prevent any infections or skin conditions from developing. Bathing also provides a sense of accomplishment and will make her more willing to go out and participate in events.

But how to bathe your senior safely is often a question many caregivers have, especially a senior loved one who may not be too thrilled about taking a bath or shower anyway. Here are a few tips to help you have a less stressful bathing experience with your loved one.

Schedule It

Sometimes having something on the schedule can make a senior more comfortable doing it. So, if you tell your loved one that bath nights are Sundays and Wednesdays, she won’t spend her evenings anxious about whether or not she has to bathe. With a schedule, it can also be easier to have someone come in and help if you need it, like a 24-hour home care provider. A 24-hour home care provider can visit during the evening or morning, whenever your loved one naturally likes to bathe.

Bathroom Safety

To make your loved one feel safe in the bathroom, install devices that will help her bathe more safely. She might like a shower chair if she finds it hard to stand for an entire shower. Having a non-slip floor and wall-mounted handrails can reduce the risk of falling. If water temps are too high, you can set them to not exceed a certain temperature so your loved one doesn’t have to worry about scalding her skin or drying it out too much with overly hot water.

Give Incentives

If your loved one doesn’t like bathing anymore, having a good incentive might help. It might be serving her favorite tea after bath time, or having her 24-hour home care provider spend extra time brushing her hair when it’s done. Some might feel more inclined to bathe if they know a special guest is visiting or they have a fun outing planned.

Keep Calm

Finally, stay calm during the entire experience. Offer calming words of support and practice patience as you go through the process. Being consistently calm and supportive will help your loved one be less anxious about bath time.

Get Help

Finally, remember to ask for help from others if you need it. Sometimes having someone else bathe her, such as a 24-hour home care provider, can take the stress off both you and your loved one.

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