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Six Important Items to Keep Mom Cool at Summer Events

Enjoy summer activities safely with careful planning, home care services, and weather-appropriate products, ensuring your elderly parents have fun and stay safe.
Home care can help your aging senior stay safe in hot weather.
Home care can help your aging senior stay safe in hot weather.

Summer is a wonderful time of the year for getting out and enjoying the community. This is especially true in the Northern parts of the country, but even the south enjoys plenty of summer events since kids are out of school, the days are longer, and the weather is generally more amenable.

While the weather is generally more pleasant for outdoor activities in the summer, that doesn’t mean that almost all parts of our country don’t sometimes deal with extremely high temps that can make being outside in the summer almost as dangerous as being outside in a snowstorm.

The good news is that with careful planning, home care services, an eye on the weather forecast, and a few good products, you can still bring your elderly parent with you to the kid’s soccer tournament, a local parade, and even a day at the beach.


Home Care and Heat Prevention Tips

Prevention of heat-related illnesses begins before your loved one even leaves her home. A home care provider can help her shop for and pack the items she needs to be safe in extreme heat. Give your loved one’s home care provider a shopping list and then a packing list so that nothing is forgotten.


A portable hand-held fan.

Whether your loved one is sitting on a lawn chair waving at floats going by or cheering on her favorite grandchild during a game, a portable fan can help her keep a breeze on her face and body. Remind her home care provider to make sure it’s fully charged before she leaves the home.


A cooling towel.

These towels are created to draw heat away from the body and into the air. A towel draped over your loved one’s neck can help her stay cool on the hottest of days. Remember to have water nearby to continue to refresh it throughout the day.


A water bottle.

Speaking of water, a large water bottle filled with water is a must for any outdoor activity. You might want to bring multiple bottles depending on how long your loved one will be out.

An insulated water bottle will ensure the water doesn’t become too warm during the day, or you can have your loved one’s home care team freeze a couple of plastic bottles of water to bring and let them thaw out in the heat.


Some shade.

Protecting your loved one from the direct sun is important to keep her safe in the heat, whether it’s an umbrella that she can hold or attach to her chair or a wide-brimmed hat. Using natural shade from a tree or a building is great as well. Just make sure to move around as the sun crosses the sky so your loved one can stay in the cool shade.


Wear appropriate clothing.

Loose-fitting cotton or linen clothing is best for keeping cool. While many opt for shorts and no sleeves, preventing sunburn by having long sleeves and loose-fitting pants may actually keep your loved one cooler and help protect her skin.


A weather app.

It’s important for home care and family caregivers to check on the weather all day to see if you need to adjust your outing due to an unexpected storm or a heat advisory that gets issued. You can also turn on alerts that will let you know if lightning is in your area so you’ll know it’s time to pack up and leave if lightning is nearby.



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