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Senior Home Care Secrets for Cat Care

From cleaning up to feeding, even transportation to vet appointments, home care providers can help seniors with their pets, too!
Pet Care: Home Care Wyckoff NJ
Pet Care: Home Care Wyckoff NJ

April is National Pet Month and it’s the purrrfect time for seniors to learn some tips and tricks for taking care of their cats as they get older. Cats, especially senior cats, are fantastic companions for seniors. Studies show that seniors who have pets have lower rates of depression and loneliness, and pets give seniors a sense of purpose along with large amounts of unconditional love. But for seniors who are aging in place, the day to day activities necessary to take care of a pet can be a challenge as they get older.

Get Home Care

One of the many benefits of home care is that seniors won’t have to do things like clean pet bowls or litter boxes, make sure water fountains are cleaned and filled, or wash pet beds and blankets.

Home care can be a big help to seniors in other areas too like making sure the cat hair gets vacuumed up regularly and dusting to keep pet danger and allergens from becoming a problem. That’s especially important for seniors who have COPD or respiratory illnesses.

Get An Automatic Litter Box

A great investment for seniors to make if they have a cat or cats is to get an automatic litter box. An automatic litter box cleans the box immediately after the cat uses it. That means there’s no litterbox odors to deal with and the box is always clean.

Even if a home care provider cleans the box daily when seniors are alone at night the box can get stinky. With a robotic litter box or automatic litter box the box is always fresh and clean and seniors don’t have to worry about bending over to scoop poop or trying to lift heavy bags of litter.

Get Pet Supplies Delivered

Home delivery of pet supplies makes it much easier for seniors to keep their pet supplies stocked up. Instead of having to go to the store frequently to get small containers of food and litter or just a few cans of cat food seniors can do a bulk order once a month or once every two weeks and get all the pet supplies they need delivered right to their doors.

Home care providers can help put the food and litter away and make sure that the supplies are unpacked and stored correctly.

Line Cat Beds With Old Towels

A great trick to cut down on laundry for cats is to line all the cat beds in the house with old towels. Cats love the texture of towels and the soft towels are great for keeping cats warm. It’s much easier to wash towels than cat beds, and some cat beds aren’t even washable.

A home care provider can regularly scoop all the towels out of the beds and wash them so your senior parent’s cat has clean soft bedding to sleep on.

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