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Home Care – Useful Tips to Ease Anxiety

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Anxiety is something that many people experience, no matter what age they are. Even if your senior hasn’t been anxious, they may experience some form of anxiety during their senior years. But how can you help an anxious senior? What are the ways to help them ease anxiety and stress? First, you need to consider whether your loved one has enough help around the house. If they are lacking in some ways or stop being able to do certain things, that leads to a lower quality of life. If this happens, they need to consider finding home care to help them age in place. Home care can help a senior stick to a routine and manage their homes easier making things less stressful for their loved ones, and this may ease some anxiety they feel. However, if your senior is still anxious, here are some tips that may help them.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

Relaxing seems simple, but when you are suffering from anxiety, it can be exceptionally difficult to practice relaxing. Seniors need to learn what they find relaxing and enjoy it every day. Learning to do things like sit, meditate, deep breathe, and focus on feelings will not only help a senior process the day and emotions, it will help them battle anxiety and reduce blood pressure. It’s important to ensure your senior is practicing learning how to relax even if they don’t feel relaxed.

Keep a Workout Schedule

Moving is crucial for seniors, even if they are battling anxiety. Working out can help boost happy chemicals in a senior’s body, naturally lowering anxiety and stress. Even if your senior hates working out, they should get up to walk around daily. This is something that home care can encourage them to do, and they may even go on walks with them. It can be a good way to start and end the day. If your senior is struggling with consistency, home care can help them come up with a schedule that is easier to stick to.

Talk to Friends

One of the most important things a senior can do is find a good support system and have someone to talk to. This is why senior isolation can be so bad. Your senior should have someone to talk to about their stress and anxiety. If your senior has no friends who are alive, they may find that a support group or therapy group is beneficial to relieve stress and anxiety. Finding people who have shared the same experience can help a senior cope with certain situations.

Stop Drinking Caffeine

Although many seniors like to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, the truth is this extra stimulant can make anxiety a lot worse. If your senior has been struggling with anxiety, they should avoid caffeine even in the morning. Your seniors may like the routine of waking up and drinking something hot, and if that’s the case, help them switch to caffeine or herbal tea instead.

Go To a Professional

If your senior is still feeling anxious and stressed, they may benefit from talking to a professional therapist who can train them to battle anxiety. They may teach your senior breathing techniques or just be someone who openly listens to your loved one.

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