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How Can a Senior Stop Feeling Sad

Senior home care can provide essential support and resilience-building to help seniors manage sadness and maintain their daily routines.
Home care professionals can help seniors with emotional support and daily activities.
Home care professionals can help seniors with emotional support and daily activities.

It is normal to experience periods of sadness; life is not all rainbows and butterflies. You are faced with challenges and loss, and you have to find ways to cope with sadness. Resilience is important for seniors because they will need to know how to bounce back from moments and days of sadness.

Sometimes, seniors may need more help around the house, especially when they are aging in place. Senior home care can help manage your loved one’s routine, house, and much more. Home care services can also help your loved one bounce back during bouts of sadness and feel more resilient.

Here are some ways that home care or family may help a senior stop feeling sad. 


Don’t Rush Sadness

It is true that being positive is important, but when seniors never let themselves feel sad, this positivity can become toxic and do more harm than good. It is important that seniors acknowledge their feelings because they are valid and okay to be sad. No feeling should ever be rushed, and seniors need the time to allow themselves to feel full.

This can seem counterproductive when trying to bounce back from being sad, but it is actually helpful. They can take the time to understand why they are feeling sad and identify bigger root issues that may be the problem. This can help them understand emotions and feelings and create a happier future for them. This is something that should never be rushed because it can take time.


Help Them Stay Connected

Even if senior home care is helping a senior out they still need friends and family. It is easy to become socially isolated as someone ages in place but it is time for the family to step in. You should be visiting a senior as often as possible or, at the very least, give them a phone call. If a senior is sad, these short visits or small conversations can be a mood boost and something they look forward to. They are a way for the whole family to feel happy, which is so simple to do.


Create a Joy List

Most people have things that bring them joy, so one of the best things a senior can do is write those things down. This will help senior home care pick out activities in a daily routine that will lift a senior’s mood and spirits. These activities could include reading a favorite book, painting outside, taking a bubble bath, or watching a movie.

Whatever it is, it can be added to a senior’s routine to help them navigate sadness and boost their moods. Making a list will help everyone understand what a senior finds enjoyable.


Start a Journal

Sometimes, it is hard to talk about why you are sad. This is true for seniors, too. If a senior is unable to find the words to speak, they may be able to write them out. You are never too old to start a journal, and it can help anyone of any age reflect on a situation.



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