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How 24-Hour Home Care Can Help Deal With Mood Swings

24-Hour Home Care can help recognize, redirect, and deal with mood swings, providing needed relief to families of aging seniors.
24-Hour Home Care can help recognize, redirect, and deal with mood swings.
24-Hour Home Care can help recognize, redirect, and deal with mood swings.

No matter what age you are, your personality changes as you grow up; this is true for seniors. Unfortunately, for seniors, it can also lead to mood swings. Sometimes, as a senior, they acquire disabilities, diseases, and other things that can lead to not only personality changes but also mood swings.

If you are an adult child taking care of your senior mom or dad while they choose to age in place, it can be a lot to handle. 24-hour home care is one of the best professionals to hire when you are taking care of a senior because they will be able to help the whole family navigate this new part of life.

Here is how 24-hour home care can help your loved one when mood changes become a part of life.


Depression Mood Swings

Many people are under the assumption that seniors have nothing to stress over. But that’s not true. Your loved one may feel the stress of aging physically and mentally, which can lead to bouts of sadness and depression. 24-hour home care can help ease some of the stress your loved one feels and help your loved one age in place.

This is not a cure for depression, but it may help your loved one feel more in control and independent, and they may feel less stressed out when they know someone is helping them run their home successfully. 24-hour home care can help determine why your loved one feels blue and help them gain control.


Your Senior May Become Aggressive

Sometimes, when your loved one develops Alzheimer’s or Dementia, it can cause them to behave in ways that are so unlike them. Your loved one may become aggressive, they may start biting, kicking, screaming and much more. This can be scary to deal with and you may want to become aggressive back, but that is the wrong move.

A caregiver will help calm your loved one, help the entire family handle aggressive behaviors, and redirect that energy in a healthier, more positive way.


They May Become Impulsive

If your loved one has always thought out everything they have done and suddenly makes rash decisions that make no sense, this can be exceptionally hard to deal with. They may not even realize they are being impulsive or endangering their lives.

24-hour home care can help your loved one take a moment to pause and think about what they are doing before continuing with their actions and choices. Caregivers will not control your loved one. They are still allowed to make their own decisions, but a caregiver can help remind your loved one to take a moment to think about things. Just stopping for a moment can help control impulsive behavior or help a senior recognize when they are being impulsive.


A Senior May Experience Apathy

If your loved one is not finding joy or happiness in things they used to, this is known as apathy. They may not experience joy like they used to, and this is common for seniors who develop Dementia. 24-hour home care can help find easy activities they can focus on that won’t bring out frustration or anger.



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