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Help Your Mom Adjust to Daily Caregivers

The time has come to arrange daily care for your mom. How can you help her adjust? Let Home Care in Paramus, NJ help you make that change.
Home Care in Paramus
Home Care in Paramus

It’s time to arrange home care services for your mom. A visit a few times a week is no longer suitable. She needs someone to help her each day. How do you help her adjust to having caregivers with her every day?

Ask Her For Input on What Makes This Challenging

A caregiver coming twice a week has been beneficial for your mom. Ask her explicitly what’s stressing her about daily care. It is likely the fear of the unknown or the fear that her independence is slipping away. Assure her that this is not the case. With home care, someone supports her independence, rather than take it away.

During this conversation, ask what would make her more comfortable with the need for daily caregivers. She may feel better if you’re with her for the first week. If that’s possible, work from her home to give her peace of mind. If you can’t, see if your brother or sister is available.

Discuss Why She Needs the Help

Be clear and go over the reasons your mom needs someone there each day. Previously, she fell three times as she stepped out of the shower. You would obviously feel better if someone was with her to support when she is finished showering.

Your mom broke her arm and cannot cook meals. For this reason, she has to have someone with her every day to prepare meals. You can certainly readdress her need for daily caregivers as her arm heals.

Have Fun Activities They Can Do Together

If you’ve stocked your mom’s home with fun games and activities for her and the caregiver to do together, your mom will enjoy spending time with her caregivers. Get new games, jigsaws, or crafts that your mom will love.

You could get gourmet brownie mixes that they can bake. Stock up on bread flour and have them make bread together. Or, try something new, like origami, indoor hydroponic gardens, or roasting green coffee beans and making her own coffee.

Most importantly, ask your mom if there have ever been hobbies she’s wanted to try. If she has some suggestions, you can also use those to get her stocked up with fun things to do with her caregiver.

Sometimes, have the caregiver take your mom out for a day on the town. They could go to a local museum, explore a botanical garden, or have lunch while running errands. Give your mom something to look forward to.

Let Her Make Decisions and Ask Questions

Above all, ensure she is part of the decision-making process. When she feels involved, then she’s less likely to withdraw or refuse to cooperate with her caregiver. Finally, call a home care agency to learn more about the services and get answers to your and your mom’s questions.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Home Care in Paramus, NJ, please contact the caring staff at Applause Home Care today. Call (201) 326-8051

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