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How In-Home Care Can Help With Your Senior’s Unhealthy Habits

In-home care professionals can effectively help seniors break unhealthy habits by providing non-judgmental support and expertise, often more successfully than family members.
Regular in-home care can help seniors create healthy habits.
Regular in-home care can help seniors create healthy habits.

You may notice that your elderly loved one has unhealthy habits, and you may try to encourage your elderly mom or dad to change. However, they may not want to take advice from their adult child and may come off as stubborn to change. Sometimes, it is easier to take advice and tips from a professional, especially when it is their job to keep someone healthy.

In-home care is one of the best professionals a senior can have while aging in place. Your loved one may respond better when in-home care providers try to help them versus another family member because it may feel like the family is judging instead of helping.

So, here is exactly how in-home care can help your loved one break some bad habits.


In-Home Care Can Observe

Sometimes a senior doesn’t even notice they have bad habits or don’t understand the cause. One of the best and most important things in-home care can do for your loved one is figure out the cause. Maybe they’re biting their nails because their hands are dirty; if that’s the case, in-home care can help keep your senior’s hands clean.

There may be other small things like this that in-home care can help with, and maybe things you have never noticed before. Sometimes, it takes a fresh set of eyes to see things clearly and to make a real change in someone’s life.


Involve Doctors

Your senior loved one is going to need support from everyone. This includes family, friends, in-home care, and even doctors. If your loved one is having a hard time quitting smoking, drugs, or alcohol, it’s time to include professionals to ensure you get them the best help possible. All of these substances can be tricky to fight and battle because they are addictive. Always encourage a senior to talk to a doctor.

In-home care can always provide transportation to a doctor and help manage schedules to ensure a senior can go to any and all appointments.


Start By Building Healthy Habits

Getting rid of bad habits can be a challenge, and sometimes, it feels totally impossible. So, instead of tackling everything at once, it’s time to start building healthy habits. Your loved one can start small and create new habits that will one day replace the old habits. Sometimes, a person can have good and bad habits and slowly allow the good to take over. Starting small is still a start and should be rewarded.


Make it Fun

Life is not meant to be too serious. Your senior mom or dad should love you, and being healthy should never feel like a chore. In-home care can help your mom or dad make lifestyle habits and health be something they look forward to, it can be fun. Sometimes a senior may want a reward for changing something small and that’s okay.

Life is about having fun, and this is no different. Try to find healthy habits that are actually enjoyable. Your senior loved one is less likely to make something a habit if they are not getting joy out of it.



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