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How to Get Your Loved One to Bathe Every Day

In-Home Care: Senior Bathing in Ridgewood, NJ
In-Home Care: Senior Bathing in Ridgewood, NJ

Personal hygiene is an important thing to focus on, and unfortunately, one of the first things to go as someone gets older. Your loved one may stop showering every day or altogether because it is a challenge for them to get in and out of the bathtub, or they may not know they smell because their senses have become dull. Talking about bathing and personal hygiene can be a super sensitive subject, and a senior may not want to ask their adult children for help when it comes to bathing, even if they need it. Hiring a professional caregiver like in-home care can truly help make this conversation easier and help them rely on someone who is not their adult child. It can feel less intimidating and more within their control and respectable to have in-home care help them with bathing rather than their child. Here are some tips in-home care can be used to get a senior to shower or bathe daily to help with personal hygiene.

Know Why They Are Not Showering

It’s easier to assume someone is lazy or just doesn’t want to shower, but the truth is, there is usually a reason why someone will not shower. Here are some of the most common reasons your loved one is uncomfortable showering.

Impaired Vision– They may not see well enough to get in and out of the bathtub alone, or they may not be using the right products because they can no longer see. In-home care can help with many of these issues, making it easier to shower daily.

Osteoporosis– If your loved one has weak bones, they may fear moving too much, or they may be scared of falling alone in the shower. This is a natural fear; having someone they trust nearby can help them feel more comfortable showering.

Depression– Some seniors may suffer from depression, which means they may not have the motivation to shower regularly. Simple things can take too much energy, and their hygiene may suffer.

They Can’t Smell– A senior may have only ever taken a shower when they know they smell. Unfortunately, as they age, they may lose these senses, so they don’t know when to shower. In-home care can help a senior develop a good routine that keeps them from getting stinky.

How Home Care Can Help Encourage More Showers

Patience is one of the best qualities you can look for in a caregiver. Working with a senior is not always easy, especially if they are used to certain things and routines. It can be hard to encourage them to change, and it requires patience. Here are some ways in-home care can help encourage your loved one to shower.

Approach With Kindness– It can be easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated. But coming at someone with negative energy means they are more likely to get defensive and less likely to want to shower.

Stay Positive– When a senior refuses to do something, it can be easy to become negative. However, keeping everything in a positive light will help your mental health and encourage your seniors to see showering as a positive thing.

Offer Help– It is crucial to offer help when necessary. Only offer as much help as they need and allow them to have freedom when they want to be more independent. There is a fine balance.


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