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Seniors Battling Cancer: The Vital Role of Home Care

How home care empowers seniors with cancer, providing custom care, medication support, and emotional assistance, for their well-being.
Home Care in Montvale, New Jersey for Seniors with Cancer
Home Care in Montvale, New Jersey for Seniors with Cancer

Home Care Helps Seniors With Cancer Live Independently

More than half of the people who are diagnosed with cancer every year are over the age of 66. And doctors say that getting older increases the risk of developing many types of cancer. When seniors who are living independently are diagnosed with cancer they often need more help at home.

Treatment for most cancers can be debilitating. So can the symptoms of cancer, depending on the type of cancer. With home care seniors have the extra support they need to be comfortable and safe at home as they fight cancer. Some of the ways that home care can help seniors who are battling cancer are:

Custom Care For Whatever Seniors Need

Every case of cancer is unique, and so is every senior. A home care agency can work with seniors and their families to create custom care plans that can change

when a senior’s needs change. Flexible care that is designed to accommodate whatever type of assistance seniors need ensures that seniors who are living on their own get exactly the right amount of support, no matter what that right level is.

Assistance with Activities of Daily Living

Both cancer and the most common treatments for cancer can result in debilitating symptoms like fatigue, nausea, and pain that can make activities of daily living difficult for seniors. With home care seniors will have a dedicated support provider to help with housecleaning, cooking, shopping, and helping seniors with activities of daily living like getting dressed and bathing. Home care helps seniors feel better and preserves their sense of dignity and independence during a challenging time.

Medication Management

Seniors who are fighting cancer often have to take a lot of prescription medications, and the side effects from those medications can be very serious. It’s important that seniors take their medications correctly and keep track of any side effects. Home care providers can help seniors manage those complex medications and help them track their side effects to make sure that their doctor knows what they’re experiencing. Medication management by a professional caregiver can lower the risk of medication mistakes.

Emotional Support

Home care providers give emotional support as well as physical support. Fighting cancer is always difficult, and it can be scary. Seniors who are living alone who don’t have a lot of family nearby can depend on a caregiver to provide emotional support as well as physical support.

Coordination of Medical Care

Home care providers act as a liaison between seniors, their families, and the healthcare system. They help coordinate medical appointments, communicate with healthcare professionals, and ensure that seniors receive timely and appropriate medical care. This coordination is especially crucial in the context of cancer treatment, where a multidisciplinary approach is often required.

Pain Management At Home

Cancer and cancer treatment can be very painful for seniors. Home care providers can help seniors manage their pain and use tips suggested by doctors to lessen the pain that seniors are experiencing. Home care providers can also track seniors’ pain levels, which can provide valuable information to the senior’s doctor that could affect their treatment.

Family Involvement and Education

It’s not just seniors who suffer when they have cancer. Family members are also part of a senior parent’s cancer journey. Caregivers educate family members on the nuances of cancer care, offering guidance on how to provide emotional support and participate in the care process. This collaborative approach ensures that the entire support system is well-informed and engaged in the well-being of the senior.

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